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Group Classes & Why You Should Attend Them

Updated: Feb 27

Group classes are a great and affordable option when it comes to training your dog. Not only is it the most bang for your buck, you also get the most well-rounded approach to dog training. Instead of only working on one or two skills, you will learn how to master all basic obedience skills. Each week, you are able to progress on each skill. In group classes, you also have the opportunity to learn from others in the class. They may be struggling with a

Dogs holding a group stay

behavior that your dog may struggle with in the future. You will get to see what the trainer suggests to do for that particular behavior and store it away for future use. We think one of the biggest benefits to taking a group class is that it allows you to get instant feedback from a professional trainer on any questions you may have, as well as your training mechanics and timing. This will allow you to progress at a faster rate. Another great benefit to group classes, group classes offer great distractions to further proof your training.

Who are Group Classes good for:

  • The owners! The more knowledgeable you are on how to train, maintain and manage your dog, the faster you will achieve your training goals.

  • Generally food motivated dogs do best (we can help you build food motivation!)

  • Non-reactive dogs (dogs who do not excessively bark at other people and/or dogs)

  • Dogs who could use some work on their focus around distractions

  • Dogs who could improve in their basic skills: loose leash walking, coming when called, greeting skills, impulse control, etc.

The Best Combination:

We highly suggest that you send your dog to our Day Training program and then take a group class with them or do Day Training concurrently with group classes. This allows your dog to get a jump start on all the skills during Day Training so then it is easier for you to progress with the training during your class! Plus, you will learn everything your dog is learning while with us during the day!

Choosing a Training Center:

Generally you are going to find higher quality training with better educated trainers by going to a facility that focuses on training. This means that a large part of their services include a training element and/or that they offer an abundance of training classes. Be cautious of places that primarily only have puppy classes or one level of obedience classes. Generally this means you will only learn the very basics of the behaviors and not progress to more real life scenarios. In addition, it likely means the trainers are not very experienced and will likely be limited on their knowledge and understanding on how to modify for each individual dog and owner, how to address behavioral issues, and train advanced skills.

Ultimately, group classes can become a fun "Date Night" with your dog! Not only are you enriching their life with a fun night out, you get the added benefit of a better trained dog through the process!

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