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Our Trainers

Our Experience

  • Over 25 years of Combined Experience Training Professionally in Minnesota 

  • Experienced training all sizes, age and breeds/mixes of dogs 

  • All of our Trainers are Actively Training & Competing in Dog Sports/Shows 

  • We have taken over 100 in-person classes, over 50 online classes, and have attended numerous seminars/workshops in order to continually improve our abilities as trainers and to stay up-to-date with any new concepts in training!

Mikaela Gustafson - Owner

AKC CGC & Trick Dog Evaluator 
DMWYD Trick Dog Evaluator
Updog Judge

Mikaela has always had a passion for animals. That passion has carried through in training dogs. She has been training and competing in dog sports for over 15 years. Her interests span many sports such as Obedience, Agility, Disc, Mondioring, Dock Diving and Tricks for Dogs.

Mikaela is an ambitious and dedicated trainer, constantly increasing her knowledge and experience in order to continually improve her abilities as a dog trainer.


Ethan Hilgemann - Manager

Ethan has always had a love of dogs. That love has grown into a passion for training, and working to understand the best training techniques and methodologies.

This has been inspired from his years in the National Guard where he watched military working dogs with their remarkable skills.


Ethan's training interests include NoseWork, Rally, Behavior Modification, and plans for Protection dog sports in the future.

Megan Peterson - Manager

AKC CGC & Trick Dog Evaluator
Canine CPR & First Aid Certified

Megan had always dreamed of working and training dogs since she was young! When she got her Border Collie mix, Burton, in 2018 she took as many classes as possible! With her continued dedication, she furthered her training into dog sports such as Rally Obedience, Disc Dog, Agility, Tricks and Mondioring. She has begun competing in a variety of sports! 

Megan has three dogs, a Belgian Tervuren named Psych, a Border Collie mix named Burton, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix named Willow. Megan adopted Willow and helped build her confidence with people. Burton has earned his RE, CGC, TKA, and some agility titles.

Megan has surrounded herself with other trainers, learning different techniques and skills to become a better dog trainer.


Heather Breen

Starting with her first family dog, to the kitten she tried to sneak home from a friend's farm, to the horses in the Equine Science classes in college, Heather has always had a love of animals.


Although Heather has not caught the dog sport bug, she is enjoying learning Basic Obedience and Tricks to help the average pet dog become a fun and enjoyable member of the family!

Drew Rupp

Drew has always had a passion for dogs and all animals, as a child he was fascinated by herding dogs at his grandfather's farm. He has a passion for the science behind training, always searching for the "why" behind behaviors. Drew is a trainer who focuses on cultivating a relationship with your dog that is built on mutual trust and respect using the most current training methods.


Drew's areas of interest are behavior modification, obedience, and protection sports. His current dog, Titus, has earned both CGC and Trick titles alongside training in protection sports.