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Private Training & Rentals
Come. Play. Train.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable and fun environment where people are inspired to do more with their dogs!

In addition to our other services, we offer a variety of private training and private and facility rental options that allow you to come, play with, and train your dog! 

Private Lessons

We offer private one-on-one training with a trainer, either at the facility, in-home, or virtually. 

At Facility

Work one-on-one with a trainer on skills at our facility!  The skills worked on must be obedience, tricks, or behavioral work that is presented away from home. 


30 minutes / $50

1 hour / $100


30 minutes /$100


Work one-on-one with a trainer in your home or at a designated location for home-specific behaviors or questions, or skills that are only present in certain locations. 


30 minutes / $100

1 hour / $150


30 minutes / $150


Live far away? or have a few quick questions? Set up a time to do a video private lesson over zoom or a time for a phone consultation!



$20 per 15 minutes

*30 minute minimum

Phone Consultation: 

$15 per 15 minutes

Private Rentals

Rent a space in the facility to enjoy with your dog!

Indoor Pool:

Teach your dog(s) to swim or jump off the dock! Swimming is one of the safest ways to exercise your dog and maintain muscle tone!


Includes all dogs in household and self wash before/after pool. 


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$15/60 minutes
Membership (renews monthly): 
$50- Unlimited Washes!

Treat your dog to a spa day with our self-wash stations. Includes shampoo & conditioner. Raised tubs for ease and comfort. Includes all dogs in household. 

Private Dog Park:

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$10/30 minutes
Buddy Pass: $5/30 minutes
Memberships (renew monthly):
$60- 8 x 30 minutes
$100- 20 x 30 minutes

Unlike the traditional dog park where there is a risk of unfamiliar dogs not playing well, our private dog park is a much safer alternative!

Want to practice coming when called? Have a shy or reactive dog? Want your dog to play with your friends dog?  


Includes all dogs in household. 

Agility Club:

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$20/30 minutes
Memberships (renews monthly):
$60- 4 x 30 minutes
$100- 8 x 30 minutes

Practice running courses utilizing the skills learned in Agility classes. Your dog must have a solid understanding of all the agility equipment. Courses are set and unable to be moved for classes.


*Must have approval from agility instructor.

Includes all dogs in household. 

Facility/Event Rental

Host an event at Courteous K9!