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Building a Work Ethic

Updated: Apr 26

Now that your dog has good food drive (eagerly eating all of their kibble, within 5 minutes, every time). You are ready to build a work ethic! 

Most dogs have some foundation behaviors already. Perhaps they know sit, down, or shake, or even just hang out around you when food is present. 

Dog motivated by toy

I want you to start with behaviors your dog knows well and is easy or fun for them to do. Instead of feeding out of a food dish, I want you to hand feed your dog their meal for a 'training' session. If your dog does not know any behaviors, perhaps start with the name game, hand touch and sit as described in the free online class "Setting Your Dog Up for Success!"

Have your dog eating out of your hand, consistently and doing behaviors at home (an environment that is familiar and not too distracting) using just the kibble you would normally feed them for their meal! Make sure to measure out the amount just like you did. Spend 5-15 minutes each meal working your dog for their food. 

If your dog is struggling with this, try different feeding positions with you standing or sitting, or possibly sitting on the ground. Try different food presentations, such as out of your open palm, between your pointer finger and thumb like a treat, placed on the floor, or lightly tossed (so it moves and can be chased). 

However, eventually I want your dog to eat their kibble out of your hand consistently!

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