Funny proud graduation puppy dog border collie with comical grad hat isolated on white bac
Funny proud graduation puppy dog border collie with comical grad hat isolated on white bac
Welsh corgi pembroke dog walking nicely on a leash with an owner during a walk in the city
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Indoor Pool
Learn how to Train Effectively & Efficiently


Teach your dog(s) to swim or jump off the dock! Swimming is one of the safest ways to exercise your dog and maintain muscle tone!


Swimming is the best exercise a dog can do. 5 minutes of swimming is reported to be the cardio equivalent of a 5 mile walk! 

Benefits include: 

  • Strengthens Tendons & Joints

  • Improves Muscle Tone & Strength

  • Increases Stamina & Endurance for Performance Events

  • Improves Overall Fitness & Tone

  • Socialization/Confidence Building to water

  • Weight Loss

  • A tired dog! 

What to Bring:


  • Proof of up to date Vaccinations, if not already on file

  • Favorite Floating Toy(s)!

  • A life jacket for non-swimmers or beginner swimmers. If you do not have one, we have many sizes available for your use!


  • Non-slip Shoes (water shoes, or tennis shoes)

  • Quick Drying Clothes, and a change of clothes

  • Towels to help dry your dog


Everyone must abide by the following rules: 

  • You must check in before using the pool.

  • There must be a maximum of 2 dogs per person supervising at all times.

  • Handlers under 18 must have a guardian present. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the pool. 

  • If your dog is muddy/dirty, you must rinse them off in the self-wash prior to allowing them in the pool. 

  • It is recommended to have not fed your dog a meal at least an hour prior to and after swimming

  • Beginner dogs must wear a life vest until a CK9 trainer advises otherwise

  • It is recommended to break every 15 minutes for your dog to rest and potty, water acts as a stimulant!

  • If your dog soils in the pool, the session ends immediately and you must notify the staff. There is a $200 fee for clean-up and pool downtime.  

  • No treats, food or drinks, or glass containers in the pool area

  • Sick dogs (vomiting, diarrhea, sores or infections) may not use the pool 

  • The last 5 minutes of pool time is for exiting the water and cleaning up the area around the dock


Open Swim: 

Rent the pool privately for you and your dog(s)!

Your friends can come with a Buddy Pass!

$30/30 minutes


Buddy Pass: $10/friend

*Maximum of 2 dogs per person supervising

Open Swim Memberships (renews monthly): 

 $100- 4 x 30 minutes

$160- 8 x 30 minutes

Private Swim: 

An instructor will help your dog learn to swim or jump off the dock!

Private Lessons include the Air Retrieve Rig, for experienced teams! 

$45/30 minutes (up to 2 dogs)

$90/hour (up to 4 dogs)

Frequently Asked Questions