Funny proud graduation puppy dog border collie with comical grad hat isolated on white bac
Funny proud graduation puppy dog border collie with comical grad hat isolated on white bac
Welsh corgi pembroke dog walking nicely on a leash with an owner during a walk in the city
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Group Classes
Learn how to Train Effectively & Efficiently


Group classes are where YOU will learn the most about training your dog! The more you learn, the more successful you will be in your training goals. Group classes are a cost effective way to learn how to train your dog effectively and efficiently. They are also a great way to get out and spend some one-on-one time with your dog doing a variety of fun training activities! 

CK9 Membership & Online Homework

We believe it is equally important to train the humans than it is to train the dogs. This is why our Foundation 1 classes (Perfect Puppy & Courteous K9) classes include 2 months free of our CK9 Membership. You will enjoy access to ALL of our online courses! 

Many of our additional classes also include an online version of the class. 

Puppy Classes

​For puppies beginning 5 months and younger: 

  • Foundations 1: Perfect Puppy

  • Foundations 2: Life Skills

  • Sport Puppy

  • Puppy Swim Intro Class

Foundation Classes

​For dogs older than 5 months:

  • Foundations 1: Courteous K9

  • Foundations 2: Life Skills

  • Foundations 3: Off-Leash Reliability (E-Collar) Training

Skill-Specific Classes

Prerequisite: Foundations 1. Focus & improve upon a specific skill: 

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Reliable Recalls

  • Greetings & Public Manners

Sport Dog: Advanced Obedience

Prerequisite: Foundations 1 & 2: 

  • Rally Obedience

  • Mondioring Obedience

Sport Dog: Agility

Prerequisite: Foundations 1 & 2 or Sport Puppy

Navigate your dog through an obstacle course: ​

  • Agility for Fun!

  • Competition Agility

Sport Dog: Nosework

​Teach your dog to find and indicate where a specific scent is:

  • Nosework 1

  • Nosework 2

  • Nosework 3

Sport Dog: Dock Diving

For dogs who are comfortable swimming: 

  • Dock Diving: Distance

  • Dock Diving: Air Retrieve

Sport Dog: Disc Dog

For dogs who love toys or like to chase and retrieve: 

  • Intro to Disc

  • Disc Games

Specialty Classes

Classes that don't really fit into another category: ​

  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) & AKC Trick Testing

  • Trainer Tips & Tricks

Behavior Modification

For dogs that excessively bark at people and/or dogs:

  • Reactive Remedy

    • At Facility​

    • In-Home