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Day Training
A Better Alternative to Traditional Dog Daycare


Want to come home to a tired AND better trained dog? Day Training is a great option for many dogs!

Not only will your dog be tired when you bring them home from a day full of fun and play, they will also be better trained too! 

Unlike most dog daycare options, our programs are all training based. Throughout the day, your dog is being supervised and trained by professional trainers. The whole day is designed to ensure that your dog is not regressing in skills, but rather increasing their skill set. They will learn and maintain obedience skills, learn to have an off-switch so they can truly relax in the home, learn new tricks or activities, and continuation of good potty training habits- going outside for potty breaks rather than potty where they play!

Day Training

In our Day Training Program:

  • Every dog will participate in obedience training & relaxation training rotations, twice a day.

  • They will also participate in supervised group play sessions where they learn dog appropriate play, making sure everyone adjusts their playstyle to match their friend, or to find a friend that has the same playstyle. 


  • The Scholar: Basic Obedience Session (Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Focus, Leave It, Place, Door Etiquette, Greeting Skills, Relaxation/Calmness, Advanced Obedience, etc.)

  • Trick of the Month

Day Training Activities!

In our Day Training Activities program: 

  • Dogs will participate in all the obedience training, relaxation training and supervised group play sessions found in the Day Training program.  

  • They will also participate in one activity per day.

The number of activities will depend on a variety of factors such as your dogs: age, physical ability, motivation level, temperament & skill set. 


  • The Runner: Run & Recall (coming when called) in Outdoor Park or Indoor Gym

  • The Retriever: Toy Play Skills in Outdoor Park or Indoor Gym

  • The Trickster: Trick Training Session

  • The Athlete: Sport Dog Session (Nosework, Rally, Agility, Disc)

  • The Hiker: Small Group Hiking in our fenced in Trails!

  • The Adventurer: Trip to Store or Field Trip Off-Campus

  • The Prom King/Queen: Cooperative Care with Grooming Process

  • The Swimmer: Individual Swim Lesson & Blow Dry


Day Training: 

$50/day- Daily Rate


$47.50/day- 10 Day Package (expires in 6 weeks) 

$45/day- 20 Day Package (expires in 12 weeks)

Day Training Activities!:

$65/day- Daily Rate


$62.50/day- 10 Day Package (expires in 6 weeks)

$60/day- 20 Day Package (expires in 12 weeks)

$55/day= 1 Month (20 Day) Boot Camp Package*

*Boot Camp dogs must come Mon-Fri for 4 consecutive weeks. 

50/50 Package:

$52.50/day- 10 days of Day Training AND 

10 days of Day Training Activities (expires in 12 weeks)

Daily Schedule & What to Bring:

Daily Schedule:

6-9am- Drop Off Hours/Relaxation in Kennel Run

9-10:30am- Supervised Group Play Time

10:30-11:30am- Obedience Training & Relaxation Training Rotations

11:30-1:30pm- Relaxation/Nap Time (+ Activities! if enrolled) 

1:30-2:30pm- Obedience Training & Relaxation Training Rotations

2:30-4pm- Supervised Group Play Time

4-6pm- Pick Up Hours/Relaxation in Kennel Run

What to Bring:

  • A Hungry Dog! 

    • Prior to your first day of Day Training, click here to read our FREE online class: Setting your dog up for Success!

  • Dog's Breakfast/Lunch in a Training Treat Pouch

    • (up to 2 cups of their dog food for training!)

  • Collar(s) + Leash + Dog!