Funny proud graduation puppy dog border collie with comical grad hat isolated on white bac
Funny proud graduation puppy dog border collie with comical grad hat isolated on white bac
Welsh corgi pembroke dog walking nicely on a leash with an owner during a walk in the city
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Agility Classes

Agility for Fun!

These classes are for those who are not interested in competing in the sport of agility, but rather are looking for a fun and active activity to do with their dog! 

Intro to Agility

Introduce your dog to each agility obstacle safely, while also learning basic agility handling skills. 

Also recommended to take Beginning Weaves class before or concurrently with Agility Run-Throughs. 

6 weeks / $150

Agility Run-Throughs

Continue to improve your agility handling skills while running through new sequences each week! 

Must have closed weaves (learned from Beginning Weaves class), or skip this obstacle during run-throughs. 

6 weeks / $120

Competition Agility: Handling & Sequencing Classes

These classes are for those who are actively competing, or are interested in competing, in the sport of Dog Agility. 

FUNdamentals 1

In this class you and your dog will build confidence and develop the strong fundamental skills needed for agility.  We will build a strong foundation for your dog by working on ground level equipment and low jump bars.  Skills will include introduction to new equipment each week, body awareness, confidence, drive and attention.  Our goal is to make agility great fun for your dog and you!

8 weeks / 6-7 dogs, 2 instructors $200

FUNdamentals 2

This class continues to build your teamwork with your dog. You will learn to understand basic handling techniques and implement them in simple sequences. We will be advancing your skills including raising the equipment to full height.  Additional equipment will be introduced.  Focus will be on building the handler/dog relationship and teamwork needed on course.

8 weeks / 6-8 dogs - 2 instructors $200

FUNdamentals 3

Now you are coming together as a team!  We will continue to advance your skills and work on longer sequences.  Skills will include working on drive and obstacle independence.  Increased focus on obstacle and contact criteria.  Additional handling techniques and skills drills will be added each week.

8 weeks / 6 dogs / $160

Beginning Handling

Your foundational skills are in place and you are ready to advance your sequencing skills. We will work on improvement in your handling skills, increased distance and independence. 

Beginning Weaves recommended as an additional class when you are at this level. 

8 weeks / 6 dogs / $160

Novice Handling

Skill building for teams getting ready to head into the novice levels at agility trials.  You will learn how to register your dog and enter trials.  We will teach you about different classes and games you can enter. 


Closed weave poles required for this class.

8 weeks / 6 dogs / $160

Intermediate Handling

More complex courses and drills to help you in the intermediate level competition classes!  We will start working on better understanding of the dog’s line and how to control it on the courses.  Sequencing will be 20+ obstacles.

8 weeks / 6 dogs / $160

Advanced/Masters Handling

For dogs working at Masters and above levels.  Skills will include understanding lead changes and how they affect a dog’s performance on the courses.

8 weeks / 6 dogs / $160

International Handling

This class is for dogs working on the highest handling levels.  Courses will include international challenges including complex handling, long and fast lines and quick turns.

8 weeks / 6 dogs / $160

Competition Agility: Skill Building Classes

These classes are for those who are actively competing, or are interested in competing, in the sport of Dog Agility. 

Beginning Weaves

For students beginning their weave poles or working to get their weave poles fully closed.  Closed weaves are a requirement for a team to join Novice Handling or above classes.  Most students will need to attend several sessions of this class to master fully closed weaves.   Students will work at their own individual level. 


Dogs must be a minimum of 1 year old to join this class.  Large breeds recommended waiting until 15 months or older.  Note: Dogs require practice to learn their weaves.  Plan on working on these skills outside of class at Open Gym or private lessons.

4 weeks / 4-5 dogs / $100

Advanced Weaves

Want to improve your weave performance?  This class will work on advanced entries, drive and independence on your weave poles.  12 fully closed weaves required for this class.  We will be working other obstacles in sequences to the weaves to limit stress to the dogs body.

4 weeks / 6 dogs / $100

Clean Course Handling

This class is a skill building class for students wanting to build their course running skills.  Each team will have a timed turn.  Your team will run a premier/international level course until a mistake is made- once a mistake is made the team will return to #1 to begin again within their timed turn.  This is an incredible exercise that will definitely challenge you and quickly build your handling skills under pressure!

8 weeks / 6 dogs / $200

Skills, Drills & Short Sequences

Looking for some fun building handling skills within short sequences?  Want to perfect some of your techniques.  This fun filled class will have different skills taught each week to improve your handling and challenge you. Appropriate for Novice- International Level handlers.  Skills will be tailored to each team

6 weeks / 6 dogs / $

Choose your Challenge

This class is an open format class where each team will chose the skills they would like to work on.  Want to improve your dog’s drive, work on weave entrances, perfect your contact criteria? You can choose the same skills each week, or a different skill each week.  It is your choice!

6 weeks / 4 dogs / $180

Walking Agility

This is a great class for handlers wanting to work on their distance skills or handlers recovering from an injury.  You will handle full courses while moving only at walking speed.  This is a great way to proof and improve your handling and distance skills.

4 weeks / 6 dogs / $100

Distance, Independence & Drive

Long, fast sequences focused on increasing your dog’s distance and independence skills.

4 weeks / 6 dogs / $100

Gorgeous Running A-Frames

Want a reliable running A frame?  Gorgeous and reliable running A frames don’t happen by luck.  Your dog needs to learn their job and understand the criteria for this skill.  This class is designed to teach the foundation skills through the full height running A frame with reliability and control.

6 weeks / 6 dogs / $150

Lines & Lead Changes- The Physics of Agility

This class is built with several exercises and drills to help you really understand about your dog’s line and why handling that line is critical for high performing agility performances.  Learn about your dog’s leading leg, how it affects your handling choices and how to change the lead when needed.  Other lessons on how your dog moves and how to help them have a more efficient and safe run on every course

? weeks / ? dogs / $

How Dogs Learn

This class will teach you how your dog uses their senses to learn.  You will learn the best possible reward for your dog and how correctly rewarding your dog will speed up their learning of new skills and help them retain their new skills.

? weeks / ? dogs / $